Is Whole Life More Expensive Than Other Policies?

A lot of people tend to avoid obtaining life insurance policies thinking that this is just an added expense or a financial burden. But what they did not know is that a life insurance is actually considered an investment which they will find very useful in the future. Of all the insurance policies in the […]

I Smoke, Can I Get Life Insurance?

Yes, smokers can definitely acquire a life insurance policy. But when acquiring a life insurance, it is a must that you declare that you are a smoker. Not declaring that you are a smoker could constitute fraud and this is something that is not taken lightly by insurance companies. So if you are a smoker […]

Annuities and Insurance Investments at Riversource Life Insurance Company

Riversource Life Insurance Company is a company that offers two primary products. First, it offers customers the chance to invest in investment vehicles called annuities, investments that will help them plan for their retirement. Secondly, Riversource Life Insurance Company, as the name suggests, offers a wide range of life insurance products as well. Below, the […]

American Family Life Insurance – Reputed Life Insurance Provider

If you are considering purchasing American Family life insurance, it must be said that you are making a pretty wise choice. Below, you will find more information about American Family Insurance, the company, along with information on the various types of life insurance policies that it offers. American Family Insurance – Company Information American Family […]