Colonia Penn Life Insurance Claims – How Does it Work?

This article will provide information on how Colonial Penn Life Insurance Claims can be processed. First of all, one must understand that Colonial Penn Life Insurance does not pay out the life insurance cover if the policy holder dies within 2 years of signing up for a life insurance policy at Colonial Penn. The system is set up that way as this 2 year, No-Payout period is what allows Colonial Penn Life to handout life insurance policies to anyone who wants to sign up for it, regardless of their medical history or current health condition.

How can life insurance at Colonial Penn be claimed?

Colonial Penn Life Insurance ClaimsAssuming that the insurance holder passed away two years after signing up as a policy holder at Colonial Penn Life Insurance, beneficiaries can make a claim by sending in a claims form, along with a certified copy of the insured’s death certificate.

The claims and the certificate must be sent to the following address

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company

Life Claims Department – 2250, 399 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19181 – 2250

Where can one get a Claims form to submit a claim?

When one signs up for a life insurance policy, they will receive a docket of insurance documents that will also contain a claims form. If however one needs an additional claims form, they can download it from the official website of Colonial Penn Life Insurance, at They will just have to select an appropriate state and the electronic claims form can be downloaded and printed, to then be filled out and mailed.

What will be the amount that will be paid out?

The face value of the life insurance coverage will be mentioned in the insurance documents that the insurance policy holder might have received. In some cases, the amount mentioned on the policy might differ from the actual amount payable, if insurance premiums had been delayed or readjusted due to some reasons. Family members of the insurance policy holder, looking to claim the life insurance as a beneficiary, can also call customer service lines to find out about the life insurance compensation that will be payable to them.

How to find out the beneficiary of an insurance policy?

This is again another detail that will be mentioned in the insurance policy documents. If family members or friends don’t have access to the actual insurance documents held by the insurance holder, they can again call or email customer service at Colonial Penn Life Insurance Claims department, who will be able to provide details on the beneficiary that is stated in a particular life insurance policy.