Colonial Penn Bill Pay – How it Works

If you are a Colonial Penn Life insurance holder, you might have heard of the Colonial Penn Bill Pay. If you are wondering as to what this is all about, then read on to find out.

colonial penn pay billColonial Penn Online Payment

Basically, the Colonial Penn Bill Pay is the payment facility of Colonial Penn Life Insurance that allows its customers to pay their bills in the most convenient way possible. The main goal of Colonial Penn is to make everything easy for their clients.

An Accessible Option

So for those who do not have time to visit the Colonial Penn office and pay for their monthly insurance bills, all they need to do is to go to Colonial Penn’s website. Here, you will be provided with various method of payment.

Electronic Funds Transfer

One of the options for Colonial Penn Bill Pay is the electronic funds transfer, or automatic bank account deduction. In this method of payment, you will have to submit a form, which you can fill out online. You will be asked to provide your bank account information because this is where colonial Penn will deduct your monthly payments.

Credit Card Payments

The credit card payment facility is also among the Colonial Penn Bill Pay options, although this option is not available for residents of Pennsylvania. Just like with the EFT or Electronic Fund Transfer, you will need to fill out a form online to be able to take advantage of this payment method. The online form will ask you for your credit card details, so they can charge your card for your monthly insurance bills.

Direct Bill

For those who want to stick with the traditional way of paying their insurance bills, they can opt for the Direct Bill payment option. With this option, Colonial Penn Life Insurance will mail your billing statement to your address and you can mail back a check or money order for your payment. For more information on this Colonial Penn Bill Pay option, you better call their customer service support line at 800-523-9100.

Tradition and Convenience

Although Colonial Penn upholds its commitment to do business in the most traditional way, the company would want their growing number of clients to enjoy the convenience of doing their transactions right at the comfort of their own home. Because of this, they have established an online facility where insurance holders of Colonial Penn can simply access their account in their own home and view their accounts as well as apply for the Colonial Penn Bill Pay online options.