Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement Insurance

While medicare insurance can help with some medical coverage it simply does not take care of all of your medical needs as you age. Retired people on a limited income find it difficult to keep up with ever increasing medical costs, which is why Colonial Penn Medicare supplement insurance can give you more peace of mind and help you to afford the medical care that you need.


Colonial Penn has joined together in partnership with Banker’s Life and Casualty to present for those people nearing retirement age, with affordable and beneficial medicare supplement insurance.

What Is Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare supplemental insurance is insurance that covers many of the medical expenses that Medicare does not cover. These expenses may include:

Long-term hospitalization. Medicare only covers a small portion if any of the cost for those people who need to be hospitalized. Colonial Life Medicare supplement insurance on the other hand, covers all or most of your hospitalization depending on the type of supplemental insurance you purchase. This is a huge benefit to most elderly people who simply do not have the income to pay those large hospital bills.

Ambulance Transport. Should you fall and injure yourself or have a serious illness and need an ambulance to take you to the hospital, you may simply be out of luck when it comes to depending on Medicare alone. Having supplemental Medicare insurance can help you pay for that ambulance transport without you going into debt.

Co-Pays. Medicare only pays a portion of those doctor visits and prescription medications. You may be responsible for paying for the rest. With Colonial Penn Medicare supplement insurance you may only have to pay a small portion of the co-pay or nothing at all.

Why Colonial Penn Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

You may be wondering why choose Colonial Penn Medicare supplemental insurance over other companies who offer the same type of the insurance? The simple truth is, there may be several reasons for choosing Colonial Penn over other companies.

For one thing, Colonial Penn Medicare supplement insurance offers reasonable rates for their insurance, which is something that not all supplemental insurance companies do. Second, with Colonial Penn Medicare supplement insurance you get to choose your own doctor. Some companies limit your choices to only two or three doctors, taking the choice of who you should trust your health care to out of your hands.

However, the main reason most people prefer Colonial Penn Medicare Supplemental insurance is because the trust this company who has been in business for many years and treats them like real people and not just a number on an insurance policy.