Annuities and Insurance Investments at Riversource Life Insurance Company

Riversource Life Insurance Company is a company that offers two primary products. First, it offers customers the chance to invest in investment vehicles called annuities, investments that will help them plan for their retirement. Secondly, Riversource Life Insurance Company, as the name suggests, offers a wide range of life insurance products as well.

Below, the product offerings of this company are discussed in more detail.

Introduction to the company

Riversource Life Insurance Company has been around for 115 years now. Currently, the funds managed by this company are invested into more than 60 retail mutual funds and more than 20 different variable portfolio mutual funds.

According to the latest financial reports provided by the company, the company had $60 Billion as assets. The company was first founded in 1894, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The annuities investment products offered by Riversource are meant to cater to customers who are interested in retirement planning. As people reach retirement age, they need to start planning for their future, taking into accounts things such as money they will need for living expenses, healthcare and emergency expenses, when they don’t have an income generated by a job.

People with such concerns can choose one of the many annuity products offered by Riversource, to plan for their future. Riversource offers variable annuity products, fixed annuity products as well as income annuity investment products, giving every type of customer an annuity product that will service their needs. An analyst at Riversource will talk to a client to understand their retirement needs and then suggest a product accordingly.

Life insurance

Riversource offers term life insurance policies, universal life insurance policies and variable universal life insurance policies. The life insurance policies offered at Riversource can be used to set up a survivor income that will help family members of the insured stay financially afloat, should any misfortune cause the death or permanent disability of the insured policyholder.

These life insurance policies can also be used for retirement planning, to transfer wealth and also to plan an estate.

Investor resources

Riversource Life Insurance Company has also been very popular in the insurance and annuity market as they provide intelligent, well researched and free investor resources, for the public to read, after downloading research documents from their site, located at Several notable investment bankers provide weekly commentaries on the market. Currently, Colin Moore, the Chief Investment Officer at Columbia Management has provided a detailed research report on Federal balance sheet, about the retail market and about the housing pause.